Thursday, 9 August 2007

Reality is my friend

You gotta face life’s storms

Small storms come usually,
When you ain’t looking.
The big ones have probably
Tolled a bell or two in your face.
Both take you by surprise.
What can you do?
Just face them

You’ll break if you don’t bend,
And walk against bare cold winds.
If you do pile up
And allow the desperate moments to rule
You can be sure they’ll decay you.

When thundering clouds threaten to burst
If you are drop dead lucky,
There’ll be few true souls holding you,
If not, you can be sure
You ‘d probably be alone !

Either ways, by hook or crook,
Whether you like it or not,
Even though, the storm destroyed
Your pretty life and ruined life’s work.

You gotta thank it.
It removed the chaff from grains.
And taught you to bend humbly.
Reminded - you are
Clay boned cracked china
Who’s alive and well now
Whose end must come
Being no more


Narcissism ??

I laugh too loud and hard

years ago, when i was a little girl
I laughed heartily
Too loud
Too hard
Sometimes my eyes watered
Most of the time
I had to hold myself
Lest i fall

Lousiest joke and lamest lines
Were enough !
I never needed
Depth in Humour
Usually i laughed
at people who slipped in rain
and at those who tripped
And fell
though i got angry glances
I laughed

when i grew up
Apparently mature,wise and smart !
I never saw people laugh
At work,all i got were smiles
as Dead as my plastic debit card
No one laughed loud or hard
Rarely did i see
A full grown man's jiggling belly
and watery slanting eyes

And me ?
I laughed loud and hard
Too less !
Too infrequently !
Too ladylike !
And i never forget
To invent a reason
For unforgiving serious adults
Leading Difficult
Somewhat Poached life
But then ,Its me
I still laugh too loud and hard

So i lose stuff !

I created this blog for my ramblings. I've lost my poems and lots of earlier writings because my computer's hard disks' crashed not once but twice in last 6 years.Lost lot of data !
I didn't mourn the fact that i lost my post graduation assignments, my favourite music or even my photos. However ,i mourned the fact that i lost many of my poems.
I'm not a blogger.
Primarily, i don't have time and energy to put up inane, whimsical and sometimes plain nonsensical stuff i sometimes do. And secondly i cannot write intelligently or even say anything intelligent or intellectual.
So , here i am , to put my poems and hopefully someone might like them !
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