Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Battling with Cancer Part 1

Actually this post was meant to be posted on Feb 16 when my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast cancer with more than 70% spread in lymph nodes. However, it hadn't sunk then. Now it has become a part of my life. Its only end of April however sometimes I forget my Mom has cancer.How ridiculous is that ! Yet, its true. I want to forget my Mom has cancer. i wish I could erase it but my inherent temperament just allows one thing- either completely deal with it or push it into the recesses of my mind , hoping I'll forget it.
Yes , it has sunk in now !

My Mom got operated on Feb 18- lumpectomy. Her first surgery in her entire life ! And a first surgery in my life too. I've grown up in a nuclear family- all i ever had and trusted is my parents .

My daily life is quite bizarre and boring and routine at the same time. Cooking, taking care of the house has become a full time job. Taking care of Mom's chemotherapy moods has become full time job. Taking care of my depression has become full time job.

Life's like that ,i guess.Thankfully, i can atleast blog about it. I used to fill diaries while I was growing up with every fear, setback,hope,crush, new dress. Around 7-8 years ago i stopped writing diaries so i was venting by buying things i really don't need.
Now, blogging helps !
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