Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Tattered lover !

I finished Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H Lawrence -after putting it down many times ! I'm an avid reader yet I had avidly avoided this sensational almost a path breaking novel about one woman's extramarital affair and all her escapades in late nineteenth century !

Her husband returns home wounded confined to a wheelchair! Predictably, there enters the game keeper working for Lord Chatterley. Sexual tension between 2 people from different classes in society !
While most love making scenes were crude there were some which were sensual due to mere play of words.
I like intricate play of words maybe that's why those remained with me far longer than any other scenes.

D.H Lawrence has always displayed women characters as strong,soft sensual yet sexually aware - scandalous best for nineteenth century !
His novels like those of Thomas Hardy faithfully portray real women and not the pious goddess like creatures we are made out to be !
Along with niceness, real women could also be uncharitable, nagging, downright bitchy,possessive, flirtatious [even if she is married],hog the limelight, manipulative,significantly ambitious and believe me, even ruthless !
So even though the 'dance' may continue between man and woman, wise people only hope that for the best man/woman to win ! That is how it was meant to be !

Walking on the Road !

There are arts and there is one art- the lost art of walking on Pune Roads.
I'm an ardent fan of walking. I can walk alone and most definitely love to amble with friends.I have mastered the the art of walking on Pune roads.
Or so i thought !
Now ,pune roads are not any regular roads that you might have seen in countries galore. They are unique - each bump, gaping hole has its own unique character. The icing on the cake ? No pavements or footpaths for mortal pedestrians like me. No SIr ! Pune holds the topmost distinction of rare pavements and most of the pavements which resemble pavement either house hawkers or are broken wedges on the sides of the road.

I have the priviledge of staying near a long winding ,dark ,perilous, mysterious highway flanked by a race course.
Now usually I've paid my respects to this 'dark' highway by saying my prayers before i venture out of my apartment however these days i don't bother to do that.
PMC is zealous so much so that it digs up roads ,the sides of roads as much as 6 times a year ! That is the maximum i've counted for the bursting lane near my apartment. Its one merry synchronous job ! Dig up the road, put a pipe , let 2 months pass, then dig up again ,put in a cable and then rest till rains arrive in their thundrous applause.
When yours truly stays in Pune how can she not pat herself on the back for the marvelous job she does in hiking on Pune roads'.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


I watch news channels - a lot of it nowadays ! Today ,on one of the channels a news flash said Cong. has yet to decide the CM for Rajasthan post victory .
There was a footage of a swarming crowd chanting . The news reader specified that the Jath majority wanted the CM elected to be from their caste.
A group of majority wanted a leader from their caste. That's comfortable !

If we continue to elect CMs on basis of caste and under pressure of the majority and if that is the sole criteria how can we expect leaders who are meritorious and capable?

When do we elect capable people? After terrorists attacks?
Isn't a burgeoning democracy with children dying of malnourishment ,farmers' committing suicide annually, people -around 50% below poverty line and widespread illiteracy in many communities -just like a predictable bad movie , enough reasons ?
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