Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Relating to a man or a woman on equal terms based on humanity might be just what is required to build friendships or even love.Will it matter that the person i'm befriending or being attracted be more smarter,more better than average,more intelligent ,more everything ,more successful,fits in societal expectations much better than others? Should i love him/her because in some weird calculations he/she is much better and ahead of others in rat race.If so it happens,does that person love me because I'm not better than him/her ?
Is it worth it ?

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Is it just me and my family or it happens with practically every second person in India ?
Last week, the municipality guy came with my super late ,years pending Voter's id card. My name was spelt wrong as usual - i have corrected my names and my family members names at least 7-8 times in last 2 years, in those printed sheets that municipality maydums and babus come with ,knocking on my door.Last time, i lost my patience and gave a peace of my mind to that dumb-looking and possibly drugged lady and i told her i've corrected names quite often and yet she comes with the sheet with misspelt names. Do they have monkeys to do data entry in the PMC offices?
She didn't reply because obviously she was least bothered. She was paid to make rounds of colonies in Pune to get the names corrected.

Anyway that is about the name on the card. Horrors of horrors , that voter's id card had someone else's photograph! It was my misspelt name with some toothy lady's photograph and that municipality idiot repeatedly kept asking me if that photo was not me !
Now, the least thing i can be sure with utmost zeal is to recognize my photo when i see one.Apparently that government zombie couldn't believe his ears !
Unfortunately the story doesn't end here.Ages ago when voter's id card were first thought of - my dutiful parents applied for theirs. Guess what !
Not just misspelt names but they made my Dad with a beard in the photo a 'Female' and totally misspelt my mom's married name.
The same story is about passports too. These documents which more often than not are our id proofs are made by monkeys who can't spell English words and who are so idiotic that they can't copy the names correctly from application forms and certificates that are attached when applying for a passports.
Are the governemnt jobs auctioned ? What kind of uneducated, lazy and careless people are given jobs to make these documents ? No wonder , that anyone can get passports in India with good money thrown in. When so many uneducated youths are jobless can you please reallocate jobs of those who produce shoddy ,misspelt passports and voter's id cards and give their places to someone who can do error free data entry and also use some of their brain and eyes while doing their jobs ?
Now that ,Nandan Nilekani is going to give us are unique id number ,i'm petrified about the mess the municipality and government officers will make with the information collected for that purpose.
God save us and the taxpayers' money going down the drain or in making of a sea link !By the way, has anyone used that bloody sea link as yet ?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I recently understood a most pertinent fact that everyone is dysfunctional in one sense or the other in this world. It took me years of everyday practical life and many mistakes and a lot of reading to understand that. Yep ,i mostly read to find answers because like most people i don't have a wise old man/woman helping me make sense of my many stumbles.
One such time ,in my darkest period, i came across this site-
I often refer to it when people try to manipulate my reality for their gains and when I let my mind get clouded in my everyday life.
The most primary thought which i keep forgetting is : I have a choice in every situation and only i can choose. Not making my choices however painful it may be :- is still a choice.
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