Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pipe dream

I'm prone to day dreaming. i don't need a place or permission. I can be happily sitting in the crowd and then suddenly zone out. My mind is home to 3D motion pictures . If Spielberg ever got to know my mind he'd probably never have to scout for scripts ever again ! That's how 'productive'  is my mind. No sir not just the day but even my dreams run into panoramas.That's why i prefer lots of food for thought which is uncomplicated, doesn't tax my little brain too much ,is full of romantic ideas and yes i get swayed into dizzying heights by idealism.

I'm a thriller happy person. Not for me the gigantic 'save the world kind' thriller but the average daisy[or is it pansy ?] like Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes,Mary Higgins Clark.Not too much gore and a solemn murder in  pretty English countryside is what makes my day !

Just the other day i sat amongst relatively unknown relatives ! I'm an average conversationalist - usually it stops at 'how do you do' with unknown people however the movie in my head pretty much makes up for actual conversation and its much more pleasant.I had just finished reading an Agatha Christie where 2 people were murdered - one was pushed off a cliff and the other was poisoned.How convenient ! Most people in Christie's novels are bumped off either by choral,arsenic,morphia.
So i had a lot of information to imagine  and make movies about.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

All about Men !

Any girl who has dated and many Indian girls these days do date albeit probably under a disguise their mother,father ,brother and chachi doesn't recognize ! Anyway, dating is outdated especially the concept that is tittered about in every romantic book or film.For a girl ,dating is as hazardous as the flu in the winter season.There are 2 categories of Indian girls who date: the one in her right mind  who has dreams of 'this thing will go somewhere' and she likes the guy and the other who wants to date for gifts, going out and general time-pass because eventually she is going to get into an arranged marriage and if she's lucky find someone who understands and gets to know her.
The girl in first category is usually looking for love and has taken the responsibility of finding someone who understand and gets to know her before marriage.
Why i say dating is hazardous? Because men can con you with lot of Bullshit about love,understanding and even about knowing you if you are not smart and can't see through their lies.

In this ripe old age i've finally seen through most men. Here is the list of my observations:

1.They are cowardly and will make excuses after excuses instead of telling you the honest truth and face your wrath and tears..that means they'll hang you till you finally get the message.On your own. Meanwhile they have made good escape.

2. Men are like gadgets.Its all about functionality.What is the use of that fancy looking mixer grinder girls, if the mixie does work well? The same is with men.Don't pay much attention to what they say or what they wear -see what they do, how they behave in situations. Always ! If you have been blind as a bat after observing more and listening to him less you will soon realize who he is underneath.

3. Men love the word "Busy". If they want to avoid you or simply want to get the message across to you that they don't love you or care about your feelings - they'll prime everything with the word 'busy'.Too busy to call, too busy to meet up,in fact "too busy" for everything you can think of. Run when you hear the words 'I have been busy" and run even faster when he says it with slightly annoyed ,slightly exasperated and tired look.The fact is- no matter how busy he is he'll make time to call you and let you know if he really loves you and your feelings matter to him.This applies in arranged marriage meetings- those initial 3-4 meetings when you briefly get to know him. If he doesn't ever call to meet up or doesn't talk to you because he's 'busy' then there are good chances he doesn't like you and is probably forced by parents to hook up with you.

4. Men don't like clingy women. Yep its a fact ! They might not want you to work outside the house ,hang on to their words and do as they say but the moment you start to emotionally hang on to him ,he'll shrug you off like an insect especially if he is not married to you.

5. Sometimes men do get an epiphany and they speak the truth . So when they make you sit down and tell you anything- they mean it. They have already decided ,reached their conclusions and then since its so clear to them some brave ones will tell you as it. At that time don't rummage your thinking and imagine he doesn't mean it ! Or he'll change his mind or he's confused !He means it !

6.Men are mostly selfish and want the girls to revolve her life around him but will NOT do the same for you.Yes, even if he's married to you and actually loves you. So, get a life and keep a life even if you are painfully in love.So that, if at all he leaves you - you are not stranded amid sea without a life-jacket.

7.Don't ever proclaim your love to him first.Even if you are dying to say it ,DON'T !
 Yes , I know this is old fashioned but thats the way it works.They will have no value for you or your love if you declare it first.Yup there are exceptions- about 2% of men where it won't matter if you tell them first.

There are books and then there are BOOKS. At an quite ripe old age i came across a book about men and women . Now i always steered clear of books about love and relationships through out my teenage and not so teenage years. One fine day, i realized it was a stupid thing to do.After all , how much did i know about men anyways? I didn't have a brother, not many guys as friends throughout school and college.And those friends i had were mostly the decent sort !. Where did i have the wherewithal about jerks, jerks disguised as gentlemen, cowards pretending to be gentlemen and losers !

I'm sure i've loads to learn.However,there is one book that every girl should read if she's into dating -'He's just not that into you' by Greg Behrendt'. Its hilarious ,brutally honest and will effectively shatter all your belief about romantic love and about men for ever and simultaneously raise your self esteem. Currently, there is no hype and and hoopla around it [books should not be read because of the hype around it anyways] but this is one book that every mother should pass it on to her daughter !

When i read the book, i had already learnt few of the facts by Teacher called Life yet it had certain pointers for me which i found astonishing [Men could do this too !]
So give it to women in your life and pray to god their hearts get never badly broken !


God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain those things that you do not understand. Now, when you finally discover how something works, you get some laws which you're taking away from God; you don't need him anymore. But you need him for the other mysteries. So therefore you leave him to create the universe because we haven't figured that out yet; you need him for understanding those things which you don't believe the laws will explain, such as consciousness, or why you only live to a certain length of time — life and death — stuff like that. God is always associated with those things that you do not understand. Therefore I don't think that the laws can be considered to be like God because they have been figured out.

Richard Feynman quoted in Superstrings : A Theory of Everything (1988) Edited by Paul C. W. Davies and Julian R. Brown
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