Monday, 27 January 2014

Chemicals and lifestyle.

My aunt uses only shampoo,soap,toothpaste,hair oil,and laundry detergent.She eats regular traditional food,home cooked. - I don't think she knows MacDonald's,KFC etc.She doesn't like burgers,noodles or maggi .

In short ,she is an aberration.
 She used a lipstick probably 2 decades ago,no face creams or sunscreen,no nail polishes etc.She is 'natural' all with super dry skin .She has never dyed her hair and neither does she apply henna.
She thinks All chemicals are bad....not just SLS,phthalates,parabens,formaldehyde etc.She used wash hair with soap for last 55 years ,its only from last 3 years she is using shampoo.
Her exposure to chemicals is 10 percent of an average well maintained city woman.
Once when I was talking about formaldehyde,pesticide in food and water which enter our bloodstreams via food and water,....and that a little moisturiser and body lotion, a little lipstick will probably be a speck on her.....given all the chemicals we consume  by food and water.
She said: I can't stop eating food or drinking water so I am probably doing the right thing by limiting exposure to chemicals.( by not using creams,conditioners,makeup etc)

Going natural means dry,wrinkly skin,grey hair,combed into a bun or pony tail always...because 'natural' in the bottle is not completely natural  and I doubt it'll ever be minus hefty price tags
I don't really use nail polishes regularly,neither am I crazy about it.So,once I finish my current polishes I'll buy only couple of colours for occasional use..probably pthhalates etc free.
We can just limit the exposure to chemicals ,choose to go grey,dry  because food and water is mostly out of our control.Is it viable?..….its a choice.

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